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Choose from our current selection of single origins, always available are our two medium roasted blends.

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Current Offerings:

Brasil, Mantiquera de Minas, is an exceptional single origin with chocolate notes and smooth finish. Drip as a pour over or french press.

Peru Cutervo, a certified fair trade, organic, single origin microdot coffee from the Asprocafe cooperative. Tasting notes of raspberry and dried fruits make this one beautiful expression of Peruvian coffee.

Rwanda Abakundakawa, certified fair trade, organic single origin coffee from a women owned coop in Rwanda this coffee has sweet raisin middle and tobacco finish, an incredible coffee we are excited to share with you!


Contranym, is the house drip at Woodshed Coffee & Tea, a contradiction of medium roast with a dark roast profile without the bitterness, perfect for automated drip or home espresso.

Benchmark, an expresso blend used at Woodshed Coffee & Tea, a toffee and nut forward blend perfect as a french press or home espresso.

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